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From Reginald in Hampton: I am 45 years old and have always been active. I have a strenuous job and I go to the gym every day. Lately, I just don’t even feel like doing any of it. I wake up tired. I am too tired after work to go to the gym now. I have no drive. I am gaining weight in my abdomen while my legs and arms seem to be getting smaller. I even feel like I am getting shorter. My doctor checked my blood and said I am fine but I sure don’t feel fine. What do you think it could be?

Answer: Reginald, you need to get a copy of your lab work and see if your doctor checked your testosterone level and your vitamin levels. Men can have a decline in testosterone for various reasons: age, stress at work or home, various medications such as pain pills and prednisone, vitamin deficiencies, and many other causes. Low testosterone can cause problems sleeping, fatigue, decreased energy, poor libido, poor sexual performance, muscle atrophy, loss of height, osteoporosis, and may contribute to insulin resistance and diabetes. It sounds like you may have low testosterone or a serious vitamin deficiency. I do not recommend oral testosterone supplements or multivitamins. Get your levels checked and discuss treatment options with your provider.

Tri-Cities Men’s Health Now Open to Provide Primary Care Specifically for Men in Johnson City, Bristol and Kingsport, TN, Including, Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Tri-Cities Men’s Health Clinic is now open in Johnson City, TN to help men maximize their quality of life, increase longevity, combat aging, and improve health and well-being using cutting edge diagnostic testing, and evidence-based medicine. They believe one of the best methods of doing so is to test and if necessary, treat men with low testosterone levels.

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn.Feb. 25, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Testosterone is the most important metabolic hormone for men and many men do not realize that it affects much more than just libido. Tri-Cities Health strives to educate men to the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy.


Findings reported in the Wall Street Journal in December 2009 reveal that men with low testosterone tend to be tired and grumpy, have less energy, less strength, in addition to less interest in sex than they used to have. They also have a high risk of memory problems, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and are more likely to have cardiovascular disease.

Usually you think of osteoporosis as being a women’s disease however, Harvard Health Publications reported in 2009 that low testosterone (also called hypogonadism) in males can lead to weakening bones. There has been an increase just recently in the studies done on new testosterone replacement therapies as researchers are now looking for ways to combat the skeletal issues caused by low testosterone in men.

Recently, older men over the age of 65 have been the focus of scrutiny when it comes to the effects that low testosterone has on overall health. Older men who have low testosterone levels often suffer from anemia, impaired thinking, difficulty walking even just a short distance, less interest in sex, and reduced vitality.

About Tri-Cities Men’s Health

Aging takes its toll on the body and many men find it difficult to control weight. They find themselves feeling fatigued and tired. Sleep quality may decline. Many men experience mood disturbances and depression, as well as decreased libido and sexual function.

Tri-Cities Men’s Health strives to maximize the quality of life, increase longevity, combat aging, and improve health and well-being using cutting edge diagnostic testing, and evidence-based medicine.


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Think twice before you consider taking oral testosterone “boosters.” Any medication taken orally is processed and broken down by either the kidneys or the liver. Testosterone booster products are typically metabolized in the liver and can result in serious liver damage. Topical gels and injections bypass the GI system, thus minimizing the risk to the liver and kidneys–therefore, they are a much safer choice.

I have had many patients in the Johnson City and Kingsport area ask me this week, “What are some things that can cause your testosterone to be low?” There are actually a whole myriad of things that may lessen T levels in men: STRESS is a major cause. Whether it is work stress, marital stress, Christmas stress…stress increases cortisol, which greatly reduces testosterone.

Another cause of low T is CHRONIC PAIN and the medications used to treat pain such as narcotics. Any man who takes opiates or other pain meds (oxycodone, morphine, hydrocodone, methadone, etc.) should have their testosterone levels evaluated. The pain itself lowers T, then the meds lower T even further….leading to symptoms such as anxiety, depression, abdominal fat, low energy, problems falling asleep and staying asleep, low libido, difficulty achieving and maintaining erections, and difficulty concentrating. Treating the low T not only improves all of the above, it actually helps lessen pain and improves bone density and strength. The results are LIFE CHANGING.

It doesn’t take long to notice the results of testosterone therapy. Most patients start sleeping better within a couple weeks, then within 5-6 weeks the majority of patients realize dramatic improvements in energy, mood, strength, libido, and overall health. Anyone with questions should feel free to call the office or email us. We provide care to men in Johnson City, Kingsport, Elizabethton, Bristol, and the surrounding TRI-CITIES area.


“I have been under Dr. Kim”s care for about 3 years. She is truly amazing. I was in a bad place in life, physically, and emotionally. I had gained weight and become depressed and had no desire for sex. When I first visited with Dr. Kim, she listened to all of my issues and put me on program consisting of TRT and a better diet. I was 243 lbs. at 22% body fat. With in the first year I was at 215 lbs and 13% body fat and to add to it, my wife loved it and the benefits of getting my mojo back was awesome. I couldn’t be more happy with my ongoing results, quality of life, and being under the care of Dr. Kim. Super incredible and caring person. you will not go wrong!”

– Shawn M.


“Since my husband has been receiving Dr. McMurtrey’s testosterone therapy he has been more energetic and less cranky and grumpy. Our sex life has also increased TREMENDOUSLY!”



“The testosterone therapy is amazing. It gives me a lot of energy. It has increased my sex drive as well. I’m so glad that Dr. McMurtrey started me on it. She is so knowledgeable and so thorough. She’s the best care giver I have ever had!”

– B.D.