Testimonials from our patients

“I have been under Dr. Kim”s care for about 3 years. She is truly amazing. I was in a bad place in life, physically, and emotionally. I had gained weight and become depressed and had no desire for sex. When I first visited with Dr. Kim, she listened to all of my issues and put me on program consisting of TRT and a better diet. I was 243 lbs. at 22% body fat. With in the first year I was at 215 lbs and 13% body fat and to add to it, my wife loved it and the benefits of getting my mojo back was awesome. I couldn’t be more happy with my ongoing results, quality of life, and being under the care of Dr. Kim. Super incredible and caring person. you will not go wrong!”

– Shawn M.


“Since my husband has been receiving Dr. McMurtrey’s testosterone therapy he has been more energetic and less cranky and grumpy. Our sex life has also increased TREMENDOUSLY!”



“The testosterone therapy is amazing. It gives me a lot of energy. It has increased my sex drive as well. I’m so glad that Dr. McMurtrey started me on it. She is so knowledgeable and so thorough. She’s the best care giver I have ever had!”

– B.D.